Titan Bet Review

The Titan Bet Experience

Founded back in 2010, Titan Bet is the latest in the line of gambling industry heavyweight Titan’s contributions to the online world. The website deals with sports gambling, and presents its clientele with various options to choose from and wager on according to what they know about the odds.

How It Looks – Titan Bet Review

The website for Titan Bet is presented in a classic manner and in utilizing the color black as the central theme of its presentation, the website introduces a clean and organized look to its customers with options for customization. There are six different themes that customers can choose to use as a background so that the look of the website is presented in the exact way that they want it to be. Additional elements to the site’s overall look are smaller icons placed beside the name of each sport. This makes it easier for a customer to find a particular sport. If the sport in question however is not quickly located on the homepage, then the customer can also utilize the search box to find what they are looking for. Another important aspect of the website’s presentation is how the betting slip is shown online. It is prominent and very easy to decipher, making it more appealing even for less technologically-inclined gamblers to get into the games and the options that the website can provide.

Website Bonuses

Titan Bet offers bonuses for initial deposits made by new customers to the site. The initial helps to ensure that the new customer is essentially in a no-lose situation with regards to the first wager they make no matter what the outcome may turn out to be. It’s a great way to get introduced to a new world of gambling, and a free bet is something that should never be turned down. In addition, the website also offers bonuses that can be claimed from betting on major sporting events. This not only gives additional incentive for those who already love to follow these sports religiously, but also gives them something extra to root for as they enjoy the game in the comfort of their own homes or even at the stadium. Unfortunately, the website itself cannot provide any streaming videos of any games, but live game feeds are presented on the site for people to follow as they monitor their bets.

The Betting Markets

Owing to the relative youth of the website, in-depth options are not currently available for gamblers to bet on, but there are more than enough for people to wager on. You can still find most of the sporting events you would expect to find on a gambling website here, but the options for betting on them may be a bit limited when compared to what others may feature. There is still great variety on offer from the website, and what it may lack in depth, it can make up for in sheer volume as Titan Bet still manages to provide betting options on other sports that are not as well covered such as biathlons, and even darts.

Live Betting

Titan Bet offers a live betting option for people to enjoy when they are online. Updates about sporting events that are featured on the website are immediately so that the bets can be followed all throughout. Limited options are available as it pertains to live betting, but it is presented in a way that even virtual beginners can grasp it easily and make bets as well.


Titan Bet wants their customers to feel that they are well taken care of when they are online, and they go to great lengths to make sure of this. The website has a full support staff ready to tackle any concerns presented by any patron, and they can even be approached for advice on particular sporting events. Technical and betting questions can be addressed quickly to the support team, and you can expect it to be answered promptly.


Sky bet review

An Inspection of Sky Bet Services

Sky Bet free bet is one of the best online promotions in sportsbook world. They also provide excellent bonuses to the customers who create new accounts with them.

Sky Bet provides some of the best prices for bets among online bookmakers. They really excel at soccer betting. The major leagues of soccer in Europe can command nearly 105% margins in bets provided by Sky Bet. Sky Bet also handles the bets on major sporting events. Some of the big events that Sky Bet handles include the World Cup, Ryder Cup and Wimbledon. Moreover, they tend to make the event more memorable by giving the punters something to enjoy when they bet.

Sky bet is well known for rewarding the loyalty of its customers. It allows the customers to get back £20 on their betting bills. After placing a certain amount of bets, the players may be rewarded by getting £20 free through bets.

Offers for New Customers

A new customer can get a matched bet for free when they create an account in Sky Bet. The bet can be worth £30. Customers can also become a part of the Free Bet Club. A member of this club gets a free bet each week. A bet of £5 is given to the members for free. However, the members need to bet £5 in order to avail of the free bet.


Sky Bet was formed in 1998 and has been online from that year continuously. They form a subsidiary of the huge BSkyB Group. Before being launched as Sky Bet, it operated under the name of Surrey Bet. It was acquired in the year 2003. The company is based in the UK and is licensed there as well.

BSkyB Group is one of the biggest enterprises in the UK. In fact, it falls into the top 20 rank. This reputation makes the services of Sky Bet more reputable. Moreover, it also means that Sky Bet is secure in terms of finance.

With the advent of satellite television, Sky Bet has managed to integrate its services with the new technology. It allows the users to bet using the television remote controller.